There is only one God.

Who immolated himself in the Big Bang, so the Universe could exist and so could we, turning himself into it and into what we came to be until today.

From whom we are legitimate heirs, in power, wisdom and eternity.

Yes, eternity, for nothing that exists in this universe can be destroyed, so is stated in Lavioisier’s law of conservation of mass and in later Einstein’s E = MC² equation, according to which, if we try to destroy matter, it will turn into energy; trying to destroy this latter, we get back to matter.

“I think, therefore I am“, Descartes stated.

And as long as we think, therefore we exist, we can not be destroyed, according to the laws of this universe.

This is the ultimate truth: we are helplessly doomed to eternity.

There is no other God: we are in it – as we dwell the Universe into which He was turned – and He is in ourselves – as we are part of such universe, and therefore, subject to its laws and properties beyond belief, and those that are ever uncoverable.

We, and our universe, are the only God that there is, and we, as self-conscious manifestations, in all planets and dimensions where we shall exist, are the sole remains of any reasoning God.

We are part of the cosmic consciousness, and therefore, our thoughts, will and wishes can – and will – interact with the Dark Substance of the Universe – which makes it up over 74 percent – and will consubstantiate any imaginable event and thing, for good and for evil.

We must break the chains of doctrine and religion, which are monopolies of faith and instruments of mass subordination: by them, we were tamed to think that priests and ministers are the only legitimate attorneys of some “higher power” and that only those can dispense it.

The power is in each and every one of us: humans use it even without knowing it, sometimes even without wanting it, every time someone curses, or prays to some god or divinity – whatsoever name and form it may assume in the different cultures – for solution, aid or providence.

This is the ultimate secret of the power, which hereby I deliver to you, with the hope that we all have the wisdom to use it.



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