The organizing principle of any society is for war. The basic authority of a modern state over its people resides in its sole monopoly of violence against individuals and groups. And while today the kingpin for wars is oil, tomorrow it will be water. You may not care, but war is nothing more than defending and advancing the national interests of nations. Humans are addicted to war. Because it creates artificial demands. It generates an ocean of profit. So nations are overthrown, countries are invaded, regions are destabilized, and young men are sent in to do it. Who wants peace when so much profit is made out from war? It’s what experts call the G.O.D business: guns, oil and drugs. But there’s a problem: our way of life. It’s defunct. It’s broke. It’s currently unsustainable and in rapid decline. The very fabric of our society will tend eventually to collapse and tear itself apart; do the math, that’s simple economics. Nothing lasts forever. Sure, Iraqi oil will plug a few holes, Afghan opium will continue to generate just enough liquidity for the banks, but not even that can prevent the crash that’s coming. That’s what the “world’s hidden rulers” implement destruction on demand for: the rich,  the banks, the oligarchies continue to make money as the world burns. But for this to work, the masses have to remain ignorant of the problem, until it is too late: that’s why they have diversionary triggers firing everywhere: 9/11, 7/7, weapons of mass destruction events that will keep people and their governments in an artificial and permanent state of fear. That is the sole reason why al-Qaeda and Islamic fundamentalism exists. Populations in a continuum state of fear do not ask questions. And these groups’ desire for war becomes people´s own desire: that’s a willing sacrifice. As you see, fear is the justification for everything; fear is control; fear is profit. That is called the New World Order. Do you know the term batterying, or train-tracking? Perhaps you should take a look closer to home. The young men on the outskirts of the big cities, so vicious…


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